We have created a bank which you can call your own and the greatest feature is that it cannot be frozen by anyone. It has all the features that other banks have, like: security, transparency and efficiency. RPT COIN is a nature of decentralized bank which allows you to send money by online means using peer to peer digital currency. You may be thinking what the use of having such an account is. The money that you have in your wallet can be used for your daily purchases or for any need that you have in your daily life. Anyone can join us and they will earn an interest of 1% on the money that they have in their wallet.

1. We ensure absolute security to your money
2. We have taken adequate steps so that you money is absolutely safe as long as it is with us. You can safely transact your money for any of your daily needs.
3. We also offer the transparency that is required
4. We at RPT COIN have made the process in such a manner that you will have the transparency that is required by you. As the nature of this bank is peer to peer it offers the needed transparency.
5. We also have done our best to make the system efficient
6. RPT COIN has bought in efficiency into its fold by offering you rapidity, scalability and safety.
7. We offer an eco friendly manner of transaction There is no need of any power hungry mining hardware as it is based on Proof of Stake.

To understand more about the RPT coins, you will have to understand about how it works. So let get started. It must be known to you that in the United States crypto currency is considered a commodity? This implies that you will get unbelievable tax breaks. There are many countries who even do not apply any tax upon it. People now think that having smart contacts are the future of transactions. This is what really the dawn of internet. After it's implication it can really be said that money will never be the same as it was before. So let us see how does RPT COIN work?

We have offered the ability to users of the network to manage all the transactions and other issues using RPT COINS.
In other words it can be said that you are the banker. The network is entirely run by the people so people who have RPT COINS is able to receive 1% interest on a yearly basic by means of using a technology called stacking. The software that we use at RPT COINS is open-source in nature which means that general public can have scrutiny of all that is happening and it gives the necessary peace of mind that you require when you deal with money.

Everyone who is a stake holder is the owner and so there is no fear of it being getting frozen by individuals. The history of the bank is shared with all and you can easily download a copy and keep that, if you wish you can share that too. This makes the process entirely impossible to counterfeit. Your account is collection of certain keys.
No one in the world knows about those combinations except you. The digital signature that you have cannot be copied by anyone so the account that you have is entirely safe. This nature of combination of digitized signature and torrents have made RPT COINS to rise in popularity.

So, if we put the facts together, we can say that:

- All is paid to provide the required security to the process
- The process is transparent as anyone can have and share the history of the bank
- It is safe as the software that is used is Open Source in nature
- Anyone in the world can open an account so it can be said to be anonymous
- It takes just minutes to send money to anywhere in the world so it is fast in nature
- The last but not the least it is FREE, anyone can join us to be a part of RPT COINS.