Crypto Currency

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Cryptocurrency is can be a new term for all of you but, the origin is all old. this is just a new name to an old method of exchange of money, that used to be in dollars, etc. but with the age of digital transfer, there is a new term developed that is cryptocurrency. It is a medium of exchange as it used to be with normal currencies.
The benefit of this currency is that it has made the exchange possible and easier through the digital information sharing. And what made it possible is Cryptography. This method makes the secure transaction possible with a strong control over the creation of new coins.
The oldest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin that was started in 2009. After that, a large number of such types of currencies flowed in making many vulnerable options.

The difference between digital and crypto-currency ?

If you want to grab basic the difference between the two, then both of them usually the same. Bothe of them are the digital form of currency that is in your wallet, credit cards, debit cards, etc. but there are certain outlining differences. These differences that make these two stand-apart are discussed here below.

Digital Currency: It is a type of virtual currency that is not printed like the paper notes or metals. It is purely virtual because it is there but the feel of its physical presence is not there. Therefore, as it lives in the virtual world and digitally handled, it becomes the digital currency. It is quite easy to store in hard drive space and digital storage you have. There is no hard and fast algorithm is used to create it.

Crypto Currency: Cryptocurrency makes digital and virtual both currency but there is a difference in creation. In the creation of this currency, some cryptographic algorithm is used, including Sha-256, etc. that actually enables the security of this currency. Those who want to mint this currency would have to solve the cryptographic algorithm.



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Why use Cryptocurrency?

We provide you best answers on this question

01. There is freedom of payment

Yes, freedom is the world that can define it fully. It tells that no matter which part of the world you are, you have the ease to send and receive the money. You are not bound to the bank holidays and should not have to bother about the money limitations. It is all quick and simple.

02. Authority to control your transaction and secure it

As you are the controller of your money and transactions, you make a safe network. In fact, no merchant can add-on extra charges until and unless they have discussed it with you. Also, as it is a money that is crypt-graphed, your information is kept private. There will be no identity theft and your money will be secure enough.

03. Transparency to see every transaction

With the block chain, you are authorized to see the transactions that have taken place. your personal information is hidden but the transactional information is shown. And hence, you could be aware of the invested money at every phase.

04. No Fees

Currently, the world of cryptocurrency is running on no fees. But when the bitcoin is considered, there is a small amount of fees while you make payments or transactions. For the priority transfer, the higher fees are paid.

05. No risk to combat

Generally, every good thing come are accompanied by bad ones, but not here with this currency. It is the safest way that any merchant can use because it does not reveal personal information, it is secure and does not have the potential loss. Therefore, while you are supposed to business through it, you are the safest.